I studied drawing and painting in a classical way. Since living in Dunkirk, I have, for many years attended a Fine Art school where I have had the opportunity to work with local artists.


My work is guided by color and movement. I also like to show our relationship with nature. My artistic journey has led me to express myself in an abstract way, it is for me an essential vehicle to communicate and share with others.


Member of Artec-Artmondial and "Conseil National Français des Arts Plastiques" (C.N.F.A.P.)



Arts-Sciences-Lettres Association

( Vermeil medal )

Merit Association and French Dedication

( Gold medal )

France World Culture

( Silver medal)

European Academy of Arts

( Silver Medal )

Italia Arte

Human rights

Italia Arte Cultural Association

Nomina di socio Onarario


( Medal of Honor )

 Has received numerous awards.
The most recent in 2009
Silver medal at the exhibition of 

European Academy of Arts,
Medal 2nd Prize signatures S.N.A.P.

Member of Artcotation.fr